In our old home I didn't really have "investment" pieces and when moving I told Andrew I really wanted to get my hands on things that I loved, that were great quality and something I knew we would have for years to come. A lot of our budget this time went to rugs to accent around the home. Not a lot of people think through the purpose of adding rugs or feel layering them on carpet is just weird but I love the idea of adding dimension and texture to rooms with lovely pieces like that.

Emery's room had simple faux fur in our last home but I knew as soon as I saw the Elodie rug from Lulu & Georgia,  I needed it for her new "colorful" room. It pulls all the beautiful tones out so nicely in everything I've used to decorate and I still layered it with another rug so it's a fun accent and I get so many compliments on it.

We didn't have a powder room or big entry way previously so when we closed on this house, I was elated I could utilize that space to decorate even more. So far, the powder room is my most favorite in the house with the deep navy walls and the Shawnee rug. Such fun pops of color and something different from the rest of our decor. And the Zeno rug by the front door? Perfection! I am still needing to finalize that space so stay tuned for an update down the line.

I know these can be pricey items but when shopping for rugs, make sure to look for neutral colors that you know can be used in homes to come if you'll be moving down the line. Go for quality versus quantity. I like to search rugs on Lulu & Georgia (because they have the most diverse styles) and create a wishlist so I can see all my choices in one place- then as finances work, I order one at a time because they last! You don't want to order 5 from Amazon and be replacing them in 2 years... right? ;)

Happy shopping!