Let's do a little weekend catch up, shall we?

Drake went home on Thursday which always leaves Emery in this little "sad" phase and missing him so Friday and Saturday, I'm blaming that for her being cranky and needy. She is such a love with her brother and now that she's more aware of things, I'm pretty certain she's catching onto the idea of him being gone and back every week. Maybe I'm crazy and just imagining that but who knows! Anyway... Saturday night we went over to my in-laws for our fantasy draft and I worked on some wedding stuff for my sister-in-law. I'm super pumped to be planning the whole thing and I can't wait to share that after the wedding... stay tuned!

Sunday we had a crazy busy day with church, 2 birthday parties and then I decided to get sick on top of it. This is what I wore on Sunday around town and it was perfect way to add a touch of Fall with this Evy's Tree cardigan even with the weather screaming Summer in AZ still but I felt good and stylish for a second.

Can we discuss this bag too? It's from Humble Hilo and I got it right before we went to New York so I used it as my diaper bag/catch all and it was perfect! The space it provides is amazing so I can carry all Emery's snacks and diapers and Drake's random toys along with my necessities with space remaining- I'm using the Large size. The compliments I get when using it never end either and I love that I can share the company with those people who ask about it! Humble Hilo donates part of their earnings to projects they support in Guatemala and that's where all the bags are made- they posted a video on their instagram last week of this particular style being woven and the appreciation for the craft and time spent just swelled my heart! I highly recommend checking them out.

On to being sick... Sunday evening I just could not keep anything down and was soooo blah. It went all through the night throwing up and Andrew had to stay home from work yesterday to keep tabs on Emery while I "called in sick". I don't know what it was... maybe a stomach bug but I'm happy to be about 80% better today! Mamahood and being sick don't mix but I'm so appreciative of my man for stepping in and being Mr. Mom for me. He's a dream.

How was your weekend?

Also, would you like to see a tutorial for this hairstyle? I'm wearing my Hidden Crown extensions here and thought a pony tutorial would be helpful with the halo-like design. Let me know!