A Harry Potter birthday party?! Oh, Drake's mom and I were both elated when he decided on that for his 10th birthday and we were so excited to bring this to life for him. We're all about staying under a strict budget (because it's a 2 hour party with kids...who don't care!) and we found so many great ideas to throw an awesome party from BuzzFeed. We had Drake pick a few things he wanted to do so we did the broom goodie bags, DIY wands for the kids, butterbeer, a cake like Harry's, pin the glasses on Harry and a super cute birthday banner (made by Two Chihuahuas!). Nothing too extreme and over the top but enough things to keep the party moving along and give the vibe of Hogwarts!

I hope you enjoy the party pictures!

We got him the new illustrated version of HP.... he was stoked! And I won't lie, I've already taken it and am reading it! ;)

*party ideas and games adapted from here

HUGE thank you to Christine for the custom banner!
She is doing a lot of Emery's party details so stay tuned in a couple weeks for that!