The first year is done! Final. Not happening again. What a crazy thought! I think over the first year of Emery's life I kept having moments of wanting to go back and soak it up more and enjoy and cuddle and smell her sweetness and then I blinked and another milestone went by. Smiling, rolling over, sitting up, standing, crawling... and now we're on the verge of walking. It's crazy how quickly things go by and suddenly your tiny 5 pound newborn is 22 pounds and sassy. I told Andrew last night I'm relieved this first year is done so there's no more pressure of her monthly pictures and the stress of her birthday party but in reality, I'm so happy having done those to share with her when she cares... IF she even cares! ;)

SO let me share her party pictures with you! We had so many helping hands from the decor to the food down to the setup and tear down. What a blessing to have family and friends who are willing to spend the time on us! I had in my mind we would do a whimsy, rustic "woodland" theme but thinking more in depth, Andrew and I wanted this first party to be a reflection of her. It's always been my thing to sing her "twinkle, twinkle little star" when we're rocking together whether that's at nap time or bed time so we felt it would be the perfect fit. I started looking on pinterest for ideas and everyone who did this theme seemed to go with the typical gold and pink... of course. Not really the way I wanted to take it so we went a touch more natural with some glitzy pieces but I think it was a great happy medium between a gold explosion and being in a forest. You feel me?

picture overload... begins now! ;)

I couldn't have pulled this together without Christine of Two Chihuahuas. She and I chatted in depth about how we could make this lovely with just the right items and she custom made her "like a diamond in the sky" & "one" banner to match the invitations I made. She also made all the dangling stars and the adorable star picks for the finger foods and the star accents for her invites. She is an angel! What a help she was with both Drake and Emery's special days!

And sweet, Savanah from Unpolished & Pretty! She custom made Emery's smash cake stand! It was so so so perfect and I can't wait to use it again down the line.

Her flower crown (shown only once... side eye) was from Czarina's Project and it's even more beautiful in person! Something I'll definitely keep for her to use in the future since she wasn't having it for the party.

Lastly, we used FoxPrint to get all the instagram prints done. I used them to fill our Lucy Darling baby book too and love them. You can use code "8P3AJT" for 10% off until November 1!

T H A N K   Y O U   A L L !

serving trays- Bed Bath & Beyond | rustic tier and slab (borrowed) | sequin table cloth (borrowed) | balloons, paper straws and confetti- Petite Party Studio | "1" candle (I glittered it)- Target | cake (I made it) | birthday crown and bow headband- Presh Toast | cupcakes (my gam made) | chalkboards (borrowed)