Back in high school, I had zero sense of reality and literally wore flip flops throughout every season because I was the typical Abercrombie & Hollister walking store. When it came to staying warm or having some idea of fashion while staying preppy, I was clueless. Since 2010-ish, I started investing in good Fall and Winter footwear and that's when I realized I was a huge lover of the seasons and how my style was spot on. I was a cold weather, fiend! Gimme all the Caramel Apple Spice and blankets because it was my favorite!

So this year, I splurged and got a few new selections from Rack Room Shoes to fill my closet and to really expand and make sure I'm right on trend for the Fall season. Thankfully, it's cooling in Phx now so I can wear rider boots and cute ankle booties! Hallelujah! I personally connected with Rack Room Shoes about Fall trends and what is up and coming so I wanted to share three big styles you know you can count on for this cold season!

Shall we?

tunic | vest | leggings | scarf (target) | boots

R I D I N G  B O O T S // These have always been a staple in any woman's closet because they truly never go out of style. Of course, they're constantly evolving with colors, textures, detailing but the simple silhouette has been sought out for years. I personally have wide calves so I've never truly found a pair I love and this wide-calf pair is everything! I still have a touch of room to wear jeans or simply pair them with leggings like shown above. Either way, I'm thankful to have ones that fit comfortably that I know I'll be grabbing a lot this season!

denim | sweater (target) | booties

A N K L E  B O O T I E S // Two years ago, I was working at my church home doing social media marketing and I was on a lunch break (at Target- duh!) and fell in love with some cute booties. I was never one who thought they would look good on me and I wasn't sure how trendy they would be in the seasons to come, but I went for it. I basically didn't take them off that whole season and the next so naturally, this time around, I needed to add another cute pair to the bunch! I am loving these booties and the strap detailing but even more the suede finish and how cushy the soles are! They are perfect for throwing on with a jeans and a sweater or leggings and a tunic. Also a great alternative for looking a touch more dressed up as a mama than uggs and sweats. Yes? They also come in black which I might have to snag as well!

P O I N T E D  T O E  F L A T S // Always trendy. Always classic. This particular pair sold me with the darling ankle strap to add detail. I'm also loving the laser cutouts and how they can breath but add a great textured element. Again, what a great way to dress up a mommy wardrobe with a tunic or an over-sized cardigan! I don't ever foresee pointed toe flats leaving us for anything better- because they are simply the best themselves.

What are some of your favorite shoes trends for Fall? I'm loving fringe and wedge booties too! Alyson Stanley is the buyer for Rack Room Shoes and she's been all over scouting out the latest trends to make sure you're always getting the best when shopping at Rack Room Shoes. Whether it's styles, quality, functionality or comfort she is key to making sure Rack Room Shoes is offering only the best to their customers (you and me!).