(horrible quality instagram picture) 

Back in September I was at Costco and came across the ever popular Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree which completely made me swoon and want to be impulsive and buy it on the spot. I didn't. I reasoned with myself and said I needed to research it and make sure I wouldn't kill the thing based on how needy it was. Well it seemed super simple and low maintenance so I went back a few days later and snagged the beaute.

Fast forward two months. I've basically killed the damn thing! SOS! Someone tell me what I'm doing wrong! I've read it needs sunlight so we've had it positioned by a window that is opened daily with all day light. Watering it once a week or when the soil feels dry- I've seen this is dependent on climate and we're very dry in AZ so I feel like I've giving it enough. I've been rotating the base to share the love on each side and slow but surely, leaves are falling and turning a horrid crunchy brown. Sighhhh.

Do you have any tips to revive my beloved tree? I'll do anything!