And here they are! Whoop! I shared last week a few of my favorites from Minted for cards this year- which were all adorable!- and these are the ones we chose for sending this year (in navy to match our Broncos, naturally). I've been browsing the Target Christmas section every time I went the last couple weeks and really got reminiscent on how we used to send a classic card every year... no picture but just a simple something saying Merry Christmas. It was so fun to go with my mom and choose something beautiful and honoring Christ so this year, I went nostalgic. I thought this design was a perfect happy medium of something that's classic and very traditional on one side but fun and "us" on the back. Go Broncos! :)

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What do you think? Is this a good pick for marrying the old Christmas card style and something 2015-esque? I can't wait to send these out... the day after Thanksgiving! ;)