Mamahood isn't just the highlight reel you're seeing on instagram. It's not just the cute giggly snaps added to a "story" or even the staged photos for the blog. It's getting messy and emotional and feeling like a complete train wreck but also feeling loved and rewarded with big smiles and hugs and quiet moments.

I walked into my bedroom on Saturday evening to Drake and Emery watching Daniel Tiger on my phone. It was such a sweet, calm moment between those two. We had just spent the day at the zoo and I was exhausted from the night before having driven home from Tucson at midnight. Typically when you hear silence with kids, something veeeeery bad is happening. Thankfully, my dude took control and was just giving me some quiet mama time.

The last few weeks have been hard with sickness and chaos around the house and feelings of discontent as we embrace the holiday season and always trying to divide our time fairly. It's more and more known to me that Drake is taking on another "father" figure to Emery than a brother because that boy is giving me the time and space and help I need at the drop of a hat. I'm so thankful for him and his blessings in my life. He's a dream and God seriously knew what he was doing placing him and Andrew into my life and heart 6 years ago.