We are three months into our new home and I think we're settled?? Who knows! To be frank, all the boxes were unpacked and things were in it's place within 3 days but over time and as you live with things, it's inevitable rearranging will happen. Do you do that too or just me?

All the rooms fell pretty seamlessly into place but the one I was struggling with was the master bedroom. It was so much larger than our old house so we actually had room to play with and very little furniture to fill it. Talk about double the size so we could actually fit a dresser and couch or cozy seating area now. Whoop! It also meant that our cheap-o IKEA furniture was just throwing me off and looking real out of place. It did us proud for 5 strong years and was still in great condition but you know the saying... new house, new furniture. Or something like that! ;)

That was my motto so I took some time and really thought through how I wanted that space to be. We love our white linens and the airy feel we've always had but I wanted to touch with some rustic pieces while also keeping it grown up and lovely at first glace. Not like there are a bunch of junk yard pieces but more like it's a well thought out, curated space that is refreshing to Andrew and I.

So me being me, I spent some time and created a little collage of my ideas and items I've been day dreaming about to see how the space would look completed... and naturally, I have to share it with you!

I'm sure you've seen shots here and there of it on snapchat or instagram but I'll reveal the final room next week!