It's the weekend! It's funny how before kids you just can't wait for the weekend and enjoying that quiet, down time and then when you have kids, that's a silly joke! I go into each weekend thinking it'll be quiet and calm and restful and somehow it's even more busy and congested than the week itself. Either way, I found some great things around the web this week so take a look...

MINT FILES // These are the perfect, fun touch for my ever organizing self! Nate Berkus really can't go wrong regardless but adding mint and a way to stay on top of filing and you can count me in. I also got this acrylic file box to display them cute. I also want to note a lot of the reviews say they don't come with the tabs to label but mine definitely did!

BABY SLEEP HELP // Megan mentioned this facebook page a couple days ago and I went ahead and requested to be part of the group because all us moms need tips with our kids and sleeping, right? Emery is in a funk with her schedule right now so I'm happy to have this resource!

TRAVEL BAG // I may not use this for traveling because we don't do much of that but it's perfect for throwing my "catch all" items into for my purse or diaper bag! IE: hair ties, gum, tylenol, chapstick, bobby pins...etc. I also got a couple for gifts for Christmas with the ladies in my family. This and this - favorites!

THIN/FINE HAIR BOOSTER // I used to work at a hair salon when I was 18 and loved this stuff! I recently came across it again and started using it since I'm going without extensions right now and it really gives such a great boost to my thin/fine hair. Give it a try if your hair is like mine!

That's all for now, ladies! Enjoy your weekend and let's get some rest for the upcoming Thanksgiving week, yes? 

I T E M S   M E N T I O N E D