We are a family who loves to host guests from sleepovers with the cousins to family gatherings to just a bunch of friends for a game night. I've found over the years since we've been married and doing this, it's fun to have some items on hand you may not always think about along with a few that are no brainers. Here is my collection of ideas that can help your next time hosting...

1 // Candies (like York Peppermint Patties or mini Milky Ways) are an easy way to invite people to become more casual and feel at home because it's an invitation to grab one and begin the snacking venture. A lot of people have a hard time breaking the ice of getting started eating somewhere (at least I do!) so this is an effortless route to help that melt away.

2 // Wine is something we always keep in the house, one in the fridge that's chilled and then a large amount on our wine rack and in the bar area/cart. We love Speak Wines for pretty bottles that make a statement but of course, we stock the cheap basics from Trader Joes as well.

3 // Cookbooks can be something stored away a lot of the time but I've made it a point to leave them out in the open so people can thumb through them when there's down time or while we're all hanging out. This Mexico one is bright and bold and a total conversation started since we added it to the collection! It also gives you the excuse to share some favorites you're tried with your friends.

4 // Sodas are an easy route to keep most parties involved who are either young or aren't drinkers. Remember we said we have this kiddos over a lot? We make sure to supply them with yummy vintage options from Costco and they love them! Every time the cousins are over now, they go straight to the bar cart to snag one. Cutest thing!

5 // Cheese boards. Add some olives and voila!

S H O P   T H I S   P O S T