Wasn't it so fun growing up with school holidays because you were able to look forward to bringing some kind of treat to share with your classmates? I always loved Valentine's Day and had crazy day dreams about the cute boys in my class giving me a Valentine Gram... didn't we all?

Drake and I spent an evening last week browsing Minted for a few options for him this year and we had a ton that were in the running! His humor is just ironic and silly so he loved these ones and was beyond elated he was able to add the little tic tac toe to the back because it gave us an excuse to bring little candy hearts to pair with the cards for each friend of his. Naturally. Ha!

Here are a few that he was "eeny meeny miny moe-ing" over...

As for Emery, clearly she's not in preschool yet but since we were planning to send a little family Valentine card (more on that this week) as well, I thought we could pop hers into those envelopes when I mailed them. It was a total hair pulling situation trying to decide on hers because they're all sooo stinking darling with the pretty pinks and hearts and kitties and animals. I finally did eeny meeny miny moe myself and settled on these ones with the heart backing. SO CUTE.

I'm having her color on the back of hers and putting the year so in case my mom or MIL plan on saving these babies for years to come, they know what year I went all crazy mom on them with Valentine cards for my 1 year old.

These were the top contenders for Emery's cards...

If you're wanting something cute and sweet for your little this year, I saw go the Minted route because they're a lot more custom than store bought and gives you an excuse to spend time browsing darling paper goods with your kiddos! Annnnd, I know it's last minute but seeing as I'm sharing this today, I wanted to make sure you knew they're offering 24 custom stickers free with a purchase of $20 or more on the classroom cards- use code CLASSROOM!