Happy Friday! It's been 2 weeks of things being completely off course and we've been so fortunate over that time to not even think about the daily things in life to function. We've had friends and family stepping up in faith and providing us with food, gift cards, love, prayers, support and encouragement and it's been so amazing.

We're figuring out our new "normal" for right now while Andrew is away from work and it's been good. Emery is loving her daddy being home and I'm able to get some more dedicated time to work while he keeps an eye on her which has been super helpful from getting behind last week and not working while we were in recovery mode.

Andrew is still bordering pain/pressure on his hand and experiencing a lot of "phantom finger" so it's just weird. He explains it to me the best he can and I have no idea how my emotions would be if I were in his shoes. He's been so calm and collected- just praising God and staying positive. That man always looks for the silver lining and that's one reason I love him so much. He will have his sutures removed next Friday and from there, we will discuss the game plan with rehab and getting his hand fully functioning again.

I'm thinking next week we will be back more on the blog and social media but just wanted to check in here with a quick update for you! Hope you all have a great weekend! xo