When we bought our house back in August, I knew I wanted to utilize the formal dining room to it's full potential since we didn't have one in our previous house- just an eat in kitchen. I told my dad all about the farmhouse style table I wanted and he said he would build one for us! Whoop! We were so excited and of course, I started looking for inspiration all over the web. I came across one I loved and sent it over to him and he agreed!

He's super handy and I love the idea that this table was made by him and will be in our family for years to come. Who knows, maybe Drake or Emery (or future kids) will want it in their home one day. I didn't take too many pictures during the process but wanted to share what I had from it being built. I'll be doing a full dining room "reveal" when it's completed but for now, this will do.

The stain was the hardest thing for me to commit to. I love the idea of a gray finish but didn't want it too gray. We went with 2 parts Minwax Classic Gray to 1 part Minwax Early American. It came out giving a great mix of the two and gives me flexibility with our furniture and decor that it's paired with.

It's a hefty table though. I wanted seating for at least 10 so we went with a 9 foot table and offered a bench seat on one side (which he built to match). We had one night where 12 people were sitting around the table comfortably so it's a success! I'll share the room details on products when I do the final room reveal.