Remember how last week was a busy and trying one? This week too! Emery's sickness from her head cold slowly turned into a stomach bug and she spent 48 hours puking her poor brains out. If she and I weren't covered in it, we were either snuggled in the bath with lavender oil or snuggled on the couch watching Curious George. The poor girl hasn't been able to catch a break but she's finally on the mend and kept all her food down for the last 24 hours. Praise God!

In light of that, it was quiet this week on the blog but I did manage to tag team with Andrew and get the house deep cleaned, my fiddle leaf fig repotted (pray for me it takes!) and rearranged the final items for the playroom. I'm shooting it this weekend and will share it next week on the blog- yay!

loving // This newly launched sweater from Evy's Tree (shown above). It's the perfect shade of dusty pink and the fit is awesome for comfort. I got a L and it's perfection.

trying // To add more live plants throughout the house. The irony of me saying this after mentioning above my FLF is on it's last leg... oye.

praying // For Andrew. Some days are good while others are rough and this past week has been more down than joyous. He's so strong and relying on God- it's a constant reminder to me to do the same.

excited // About Drake going to UCYC this year! We officially registered him with our church and he is pumped! I remember my experiences at summer camp and hope he has the same learning to love the Lord even more.

I N   C A S E   Y O U   M I S S E D   I T
*most viewed post this week!

Hope you all have a great weekend!