We're checking things off our list this week left and right so all in all, we're feeling accomplished with how things went this last Monday-Friday. That isn't to say we didn't have quite the drama with that angel above though... she's beginning full blown tantrums with squeals and hits and body throwing to the ground when she doesn't get her way. This usually only happens when she is told she can't have a snack or when she's finished eating. Life is so hard being one... ;)

W E E K L Y   R E C A P

loving // The PBS app. I've said it before, I'll say it again. It's a dream for me when I just need Emery distracted for 5 seconds.

hating // That we don't have a date for Andrew to go back to work yet. We're planners and it's slowly making us crazy living in the unknown of all that. Hopefully we'll have a better timeline after an appt next Thursday.

wanting // The Broncos to win Sunday! Last time they were in the Super Bowl I was in NY with my mom so Andrew and I didn't get to experience/watch the game together (although it was a shit show and we lost then) but it'll be exciting to host people to watch it this year!

working // With so many awesome clients right now! Focusing on more branding elements versus blog related items and that's so much fun for me. If you're interested in booking anything print/logo related, you can contact me: aubreykinch@gmail.com to get the convo going!

I N   C A S E   Y O U   M I S S E D   I T