We we given my in-laws old dresser when we moved into our home and it was the original wood stain from 30+ years ago. It was theirs when they got married which was gifted to them from another family friend so it's cool having been passed around since the 80's!

I thought it would be great to use for our dining room to store linens, flatware, overflow from the kitchen with serving ware and platters but I wanted to give it a little refresh and tie in with the vibe our house has going. FAT Paint sent along their chalk-style paint for me to give this beauty a little makeover and I am so pleased with how it turned out.

I've heard endless reviews of chalk-style paint and how it's a dream to really cut down time on a project of this nature and to be frank, the prep and time painting something is really what holds me back from every embarking on a DIY journey. I was pleasantly surprised this took me one single nap time- 2 hours total and that's generous because I had plenty of social media and coffee breaks between draw fronts and coats of paint.

Below are a few pictures of before and during the process of painting.

before // it was seriously a lovely piece especially with the brass handle detailing but a little too warm toned for my liking.

to begin // they recommend taking a sanding sponge or paper and give the piece a little scrub down to make sure any build up is free and it's a good base for the paint to adhere to. Follow this with a quick wipe down of warm, soapy water and then you can paint. This took me about 5 minutes, being generous with sanding.

one coat of FAT Paint in Warm White

two coats of FAT Paint in Warm White
*wait about 20 minutes between coats to ensure a dry surface

once // the paint has dried (I waited about an hour) you'll want to take the sanding sponge and lightly sand the item to smooth out the paint texture. I then used a light cloth and the FAT Wax to coat the dresser. Rub it in like lotion, wait 5 minutes and buff it off with a clean cloth. For good measure, FAT Paint recommends buffing it once more about 6 hours later so I did this in the evening.

And that's it!

That's a project I can commit to, you guys! Emery didn't even wake up during the whole process so I was able to check it off my list while also getting work done in one nap- #winning!

Overall, the paint went on so smoothly a did adhere great to the dresser! I wanted a slightly distressed look so I used a little more muscle sanding after the paint dried and before applying the wax to give it an eclectic look but you do whatever style you're going for, obviously. I was sooo close to going with the Ocean Spray color to pop and tie in with our rug but to brighten the space with our dark table, I'm happy we did Warm White.


If you have any questions about the process and that I might not have included here, please let me know and I'd be happy to answer them.