Andrew and I haven't celebrated Valentine's Day since we've been married except last year. You see, we haven't really celebrated much- like birthdays, father's/mother's day, our anniversary...etc. We just felt like saving money and enjoying a night in would be better because we're total home bodies.

When I was pregnant I had a moment of feeling really frustrated on Father's Day, no less and had a full melt down to Andrew basically telling him from now on we must celebrate each other and those days no matter what. Absolutely logical and emotional because hiii, I was so pregnant.

Since then, we celebrated one Valetine's Day (2015) and I can't even tell you what we did! I blame the fog of tired and exhaustion I was in at the time from a fresh baby and trying to figure out life then. 

BUT this is the year! I can feel it, we're going to celebrate dammit! :)

With that in mind, I'm already planning a pop of pink for my makeup and a LBD to shimmy into for a night out with my man. What are you planning to do? Dinner? A movie? I think we're doing both and hitting one of our favorite places for drinks too!

P O P   O F   P I N K