I didn't think I'd ever share this room because hiii, it's so simple. BUT I was in there with Emery the other night to keep witching hour slightly manageable and the light was really pretty so I thought WHAT THE HECK?

We went with a deep gray towel to accent the darling shower curtain Drake actually picked out because "Emery will love the flowers" according to him and popped with a cute little planter from Homegoods. Fox Print made this super cool wood canvas set for us from instagram pictures of mine and there you have it.

Simple. I told you. :)

Make sure to check out my instagram today because Fox Print is giving away a $50 shop credit to one lucky winner. We've used them time and time again to keep the house updated with those little squares and you can't beat the price. I just ordered 65 prints and I think I spent just over $22. Done and done.

I feel it's necessary I note, the kids take baths together with Drake in a swim suit... side eyes for even needing to disclose this.

S H O P   S I M I L A R   I T E M S