Throwback to last Easter, oh my goodness! Was she not just the sweetest little bunny ever? She still is actually but she's sassy and tantrums at me now so dressing her up with bunny ears probably won't be happening this year! ;)

We moved out of our house the week after Easter last year so this year, we are planning to host it for our families and are so excited about it! I've been pulling together inspiration on what I want the space to look like and I'm thinking bright colors, tulips and some raw, organic pieces with twine and kraft paper.

I went with these invitations from Minted (because I love Minted, you all know this) and think I'll be doing these napkins and these place mats to add in the color details.

Tulips came to mind only because I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and was completely taken aback by the ones they had! I'm not typically one who buys flowers in color, only white but these were so stunning it changed my mind! The table will definitely have bright tulips and white hydrangea.

I also get the kids an Easter outfits to fill their baskets with each year and I'm undecided on the below for Emery. I was with my nephews at Target over the weekend and one voted this yellow dress and the other picked this one. I like the latter because of all the fun colors. Drake asked for new kicks and shorts so I picked up some stuff for him yesterday as well.

What are some fun Easter traditions you do with your family each year? I'm not sure if we will dye eggs before Easter Sunday or wait to do it as a family... decisions, decisions. I'll share pictures of the day and how the table comes together (thanks dad!) after we celebrate Jesus' resurrection!