Is it me or did all your hair freaking fall out when you had your babies? My goodness! I didn't see a change in the slightest when I was pregnant with Emery but in the last 6 months, I'm practically bald in spots and it's not cute. These babies just throw us all wacky but we wouldn't ever change it for the world... am I right?

I'm trying a few new methods to attempt to grow it back and keep it healthy while sticking to a budget because hair treatments and maintenance can become spendy. I'll be honest, one item below is an investment but the others are awesome deals and I've linked coupons to help even more! I figured any other mama out there dealing with the same would find these details appealing and possibly a few alternatives they haven't already tried.

Prenatals- $14.99 (Amazon)
Yep! Keep up with those babies because it's always great to have the extra nutrients they provide but they work wonders on hair, skin and nails. I take these ones and have been since I was about 21 as my daily vitamin so I love them. One precaution, as I'm sure you'll find with any prenatals, you can get nauseated if taken on an empty stomach so I recommend taking them with breakfast.

Shampoo & Conditioner- $3.54-$4.79 (find here)
We all use them and a lot of the time invest way more than I think needs to be done. That's the category I fall into! I end up trapped at hair appointments being sold product that's ridiculously priced and end up buying it out of guilt. I then use it and more often than not, I don't even like to product or compare it to something I bought for $4 at Walmart. Before spending bukoo bucks on something, let me help you. You'll want to give Alberto VO5 a try and their split end formula has been on heavy rotation along with a few others of theirs that I think beats the salon products. (coupon)

Drink Water!
This is a duh. I love this tumbler to travel with!

Hot Oil Therapy- $4.99 (Amazon)
Again, an Alberto VO5 product that I've swapped my coconut oil masks for. It's an oil you can treat with once a week and it's so silky smooth leaving your hair nice and hydrated, frizz free and helps maintain a great cuticle in between your hair appointments. I do this on Sunday nights when my face mask is setting before I shower; just run it under hot water before applying and you're set! It's dreamy! (coupon)

Hair Extensions- $250-$299 (Hidden Crown)
When all else fails and you want some volume and simplicity with gorgeous hair, invest in a set of extensions. I've done clip-ins, tape-ins, glued and halo designed and this is my favorite. It's the easiest for daily wear so you don't have the hassle of washing all your precious fake hair with your natural and it's fool proof putting it in. You've seen me wearing color 60/8p (pictured above)

Beauty Oil- $4.99 (find here) 
I wash my hair every other day to let my natural oils soak in and keeping things from drying out. On my days in between washing but I need a little something, I spritz some of this on the ends to add a little moisture and it smells divine! I also use this on my extensions every time I take them out. They aren't meant to be washed every time they're worn and even when you do, they tend to dry out slowly but surely and this has been keeping them intact for me really well! I also have eczema and this is a dual purpose product I can put on my skin to help maintain moisture- two for one! (coupon)

And this is what real life looks like when you're trying to give your hair some quick love... a baby in your shower holding eye drops. Just keeping it real! ;)

I hope this may open your eyes to a few things you aren't already doing to combat that mama hair years down the road or if you're newly postpartum. I think I'll share once a month some drug store beauty buys that keep our budget in check and that I've had success with. Let me know if you'd like that! xo

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