(all AZ shops!)

How was everyone's week? It's been busy for us over here... we had 6 doctor appointments between Andrew and I, we filed our taxes, started football practices with Drake and Emery is on a new schedule so we're dead tired.

I'm spending some time on clients this weekend and hitting PHX Flea; I can't wait! Last time they had a market, I couldn't make it so I'm packing the kids up and spending our Saturday outside enjoying the time in Scottsdale.


loving // Every flipping thing from Anthropologie right now. I mean, these bunny ears? And this dish towel... I'll take one of everything from there. Please  and thanks. I got this candle again last weekend and I promise, I've already burned half of it because I can't get over the Volcano smell. 

wishing // For motivation to stick to a damn workout routine. I was doing the gym again and fell off the wagon when Andrew was in the hospital and now I'm trying Kayla Itsines at home through her app... much more successful but I have got to change my mindset to make it stick. I get so discouraged and irritated with myself but you have to start somewhere.

appreciating // Time off instagram and social media. I took last weekend "off" and simply enjoyed the time with my family and it builds a deep appreciation for the undocumented time online. Give it a try!

trying // A new skin care line... gasp! I love Enza and have used it for 2 years now but I need a change because of some hormonal things going on. I'm trying Tula and so far so good. I have some nasty "before" pictures to share with you in a few weeks when I have a substantial "after" picture of how my skin is doing. I'm loving this mask though! You can use code "AUBREY25" for 25% off and free shipping.

T H I S   W E E K