taken one day before introducing Tula - completely unedited - taken with iPhone 6s

Yikes. Talk about being vulnerable here. Let me just air out my dirty laundry with a face full of zits and dark spots to start the week, yes? Recently, I've been struggling again with my skin and it's not been pretty. I think as women, it's empowering having a blemish free face and glowy complexion because it makes you feel amazing but when you don't, life basically stops and you don't dare stepping out in public in fear of seeing someone you know.

At least that's my mentality.

I have loved Enza Essentials for about 2 years now and back in November I started noticing the collection of their line I was using, wasn't doing the trick. I contacted them, they sent me a new collection to introduce and it really did help improve everything.

Fast forward to February when stress was at an all time high for me as well as migraines kicking in big time again. I blame the combination for the unruly break outs I started to experience and after about 3 weeks, I had enough of it. I went to my dermatologist (who I haven't seen in ages) and she started a microdermabrasion series with me. We are doing one session, every 5 weeks and also throwing in chemical peels.

Why so harsh? Well I used to have them done every 6 weeks for about 2 years because I was on Accutane in middle school/early high school to combat terrible skin and it left me with scarring, which is normal. Now that I haven't done a micro since 2010, I have a lot of built up gunk that needs to be taken care of to keep those cells turning and my skin looking and feeling great.

At the same time, I jumped in using Tula to try to combat the acne, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, help with dark circles and puffiness on my eyes and to keep things healthy. I'm 1 week in and can say, this face mask and this eye cream are new favorites! The face wash is also great, really breaking down the makeup and residue from the day and it smells so yummy! I'm still getting a feel for the others and how they're working over a period of time so I plan to show you an "after" photo from the above in a few weeks too.

I just want to be open about this because it's been something really bothering me lately and I love recommending products to you that work for ance prone/combination skin. I'm also dealing with some hormonal issues that can definitely be contributing to the flare ups so we will see over time as that settles if it makes a difference.

I reached out to Tula and they're being so kind offering 25% off to my readers with code "aubrey25". Of course, I haven't used them tons to say it's completely my love language but the items above are great and if you're wanting to try something new, it's a good time to buy with a coupon.

Stay tuned... I'll share more on this in a few weeks!