Friday! The day has come and it's time to close out the week and I'm so excited about that. It was a tough one and I'm just ready to hit Drake's football game tonight with the family and enjoy some time unplugged. You know what I mean?

thankful for // Fellow mamas! We had a splash pad date with some AZ girls and their kids and it's always a nice treat to get out of the house. Granted, I'm exhausted after and Emery typically naps in the car instead of in her crib but it's good for us!

praying about // Everyday life and getting back into the adjustment of Andrew going back to work. It's likely he will return the first week of April which is awesome but also will be hard on the kids and I since we've had a solid 3 months of him around much more than we're used to.

loving // Everything from Gap for the kids. Everything.

adding // These cute crops tops to Emery's closet for the warmer months. She had one last year and it's just so cute seeing little babes in crop tops so we're continuing that look this summer! You can use code JJAK15 for 15% off your purchases at June & January!

decorating // My office a little bit more. Updating pictures on the walls, pulling in a statement wall with a fun print and even a few new pieces to decorate thanks to my mom gifting some fun things. I'll share it eventually when it's completed.

T H I S   W E E K
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