I fell into a habit of getting my nails done almost weekly just for a simple $10 manicure, which was great but even after doing that, I always had my nails chipping within 2-3 days leaving me totally frustrated. I have my three tried and true, light pinks that give great coverage, you know without the chalky effect so I wanted to share them today.

This has a more pink tone, in my opinion and obviously wears great being OPI.

This can be more of a sheer wear but I layer it with three coats to achieve the color I want. It's soft and whimsical.

All time favorite because it's almost white but it has the slightest lilac undertone so it plays off a tan really nicely and doesn't look as "natural" as the above two.

Do you guys have any favorites you can't live without? I finally bought these three to have on hand so I've been painting my nails at home now and doing a manicure roughly once a month. I also love Latte Run, but I consider that more taupe than pink!