I am so excited to share I'm working with Mommy Mailbox on a limited collection they are currently offering, the Born For This box. It's perfectly curated with items any new mom would love to have and actually use! I know when I was pregnant with Emery it was the constant battle of is this necessary? How often will it be used? Can I justify this purchase? You know the guilt if you've been a new mama... but this collection hits all the essentials on the head.

From the trusty Solly Baby Wrap that kept my child sleeping for the first 3 months of life to the convenient pacifier clip all the way to nipple balm because mama knows those boobs are going through hell the first 2-3 weeks of nursing. I found the box really highlights all the needs while featuring some awesome companies most mama's love!

This limited collection normally retails for $95 and now through April 15th you can use code AUBREY10 for $10 off the collection! Whether you're pregnant and a new mama needing and wanting these items to possibly attending a summer baby shower, this would be the ideal gift! I can go on and on about that in itself but let's just say, not all mama's want the basics in a cellophane wrapped basket. Mix it up! Surprise her with a collection of things she is bound to love, that's 100% neutral friendly!

Take a look here to see in detail all that's included and I'm sure you'll be nodding your head, yep, that's genius to have! ;)