Mommy tip for your Tuesday! Maybe that should be a thing? It could be fun to share weekly or biweekly a tip or shop I'm loving for littles. What do you think? Well today, I wanted to pop in and share these darling bags that have saved us so far with our splash pad dates and trips out for the day. They're from Logan + Lenora and their wet bags! Wet bags are quite literally the most genius product for kids because you can put anything in them and they're invincible.

Our favorite ways to utilize these handy bags is with snacks, pool supplies and the typical diaper change necessities. When we're home and done for the day, I wash them both inside and outside, let them air dry and we're set to use them for our next day out. Genius, I tell ya! We have three sizes (here, here and here) on hand and I haven't used this one yet because I feel like the others are doing our job so nicely but I'm sure I'll be grabbing at it when we have both kids headed out for a day at the pool.

Logan + Lenora is being so kind and offering a discount of 20% off your purchase and free shipping when using code AKFRIENDS20! I hope you love them as much as I do and make sure to peek at all their prints available- the Tangerine IKAT is so cute!