It's no secret I have a thing for hair products but only ones that are tried and true that I find myself buying over again. I have really fine hair, but a lot of it so it tends to weigh down with too much product but I've found a few gems I love so let's dig in, shall we?

STEP ONE // Shampoo and condition with the VO5 Volumizer Light and Clean + Biotin. It's just as it says, light and leaves your hair feeling so clean but it gives it such a nice base to start for building our your volume desired. (coupon code on their website!)

STEP TWO // Aquage Uplifting Foam has is a mousse consistency I add to my hair right before I blow dry. Fill the palm of your hand, massage it in focusing on the roots and then blow dry half way.

STEP THREE // This little golden goodness is a light levitation mist I'll then spray on my roots after my hair is half way dry and then I rough dry the remaining upside down. It adds the oompf you're wanting and gives a slight grit to achieve a good hold.

STEP FOUR // Once I've styled my hair and I'm good to go, I spray on Batiste dry shampoo to finish it out. It adds an element of "grim" without making it dirty and then I feel it helps your hair stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

What are some tricks and products you love for your hair type?

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