I finally finished the kids bathroom cabinet overhaul! It took me longer to complete simply due to life happening but the process itself was so simple and easy. I first talked about the idea here and why I chose chalk paint and the color Duck Egg Blue so check it out to get up to speed.

I shared on instagram when the painting was done so I wanted to answers questions straight from that post people had to better help you when tackling a project of this nature...

Q // What color and brand did you use?
A // Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in color Duck Egg Blue. My local store, Audrey's sells their product line so they were my go to when shopping it!

Q // How long was the process?
Overall, it took me about 6 hours WITH dry time, start to finish. That being said, it was one days time going back at it here and there to accomplish the final look but without dry time, the actual application of the paint and wax was maybe 1.5 hours? Totally doable in a small space even with kiddos! ;)

Q // Was it hard to do?
A // Uhh, well in general I'm not a fan of painting so it's not like I looked forwarded to sitting my pregnant butt on the ground to paint but the outcome made it worth it! It's definitely not hard, but you need to be thorough to ensure you don't miss any spots painting.

Q //  Do you paint with a brush and finish with wax?
A // Yes! I chose a simple 2 inch brush from Home Depot and painted on the chalk paint as you would anything else. The product will dry in about 20 minutes but I waited 1-2 hours in between the two coats I did to ensure it wouldn't pull other parts. Once both coats were dry, I then used a cotton cloth and rubbed the soft wax in like lotion. You want it to hydrate the surface but don't do it too thick. If you can run your nail through it and it leaves a mark, rub the wax off a bit more.

Q // Do you sand them before painting?
A // Personally, I did not. To prep, all I did (as told by my trusty Audrey's) was use warm water and vinegar to clean the cabinets, let it dry, then again wipe down with water to rinse that mixture. Once it was completed dry and wiped off, I went straight to applying paint.

You are able to sand before if you want but it's just an added step I don't feel is necessary. Again, once the coats of paint are dry, you could then use a sanding block and sand areas for a more vintage/rubbed looked but I wanted it to be solid color for the space and it's feel.

Q // Is the color straight Duck Egg or was it mixed with white?
A // This is straight Duck Egg but I know the images can be deceiving. It's slightly, juuust slightly darker in person. I didn't edit them too much to help the color appear as you would see in person.

Q // What type of wood were they before?
A // This I don't actually know. I'm sorry!

Because I know this task can seem so daunting, just take a deep breath and dig in. Honestly, chalk paint is so easy to work with so it really can't go wrong. If for some reason it does and if you're local, call up the girls at Audrey's and they can come fix it! ha! They offer on site and in store painting with Annie Sloan chalk paint so you're golden even if you screw it up! ;)

you can visit Audrey's if you're local in AZ at 

They carry other awesome AZ vendors and offer paint classes/workshops so if you want to learn more about how to use chalk paint, check out their schedule, here!