another sweet girl arriving
November 2016!

We are thrilled to share we have another sweet girl baking away and is due to arrive just 4 weeks shy of Drake's birthday and 2 weeks shy of Emery's! Everything is looking great, she's totally healthy and we're so excited it's all coming to fruition again.

It's been a journey for us this time around as we started trying for another baby when Emery was 5 months old. We wanted them to be really close in age as Andrew is with his siblings but here we are and Emery will just be turning 2 when our newest will be born. All in God's timing and we were trusting in that.

We actually started working on collecting paperwork and details of adoption because it didn't seem it was in our cards to have a second baby and right before we were going to meet with some friends who have a adopted to pick their brain, we found out we were expecting. Yay!

I definitely have been sick again, just as I was with Emery but I seriously thought it was a boy! Or maybe it was just being hopeful for Drake's sake because he's literally dying for a brother. Either way, Andrew and I didn't have a preference but now that we know it's another girl, I'm getting really pumped to reuse some favorites of Emery's item and for us to have two girls that can be life long besties.... if that's how it plays out! ;)

Drake will honestly be the best big brother for a second girl because he's so tender and caring with Emery as it is. He's also older (will be 11 when she's born) and having done it before I think I'll be more at ease letting him take the reins and feed and rock and play as he wants to versus overseeing everything all the time. We keep saying God chose a second girl for us for a reason and maybe that's because a boy wouldn't be close with Drake after all... whatever it may be, we're just encouraging Drake in the excitement of even having another baby and what a blessing that is!

Logistically, I'm not in a rush to start planning quite yet. She'll be taking over my office in the house and my office will shift to the master bedroom or playroom but because of that, I think I'll take my time really decorating, collecting the right pieces she can grow with and not quite rushing myself out of a contained space. My mom and sister are already talking about a baby shower, which I don't even know if I want one... do people do a shower for their second? I just don't know. Gear wise, we're golden and now I can sort through Emery's old bins and keep what I want for this girl and donate whatever we won't utilize. That aspect gets me excited to organize! :)

I'll attempt to update probably once a month but bug me if you want to know more or see where we are in the process.

Happy Saturday!