We started using the Honest Co for their diaper and wipe bundles when Emery was like 3 months old and loved it! The ability to add fun patterns of our choice really made the process fun and enjoyable to look forward to our package but mostly the convenience of setting up the 4-6 weeks delivery time line and then knowing diapers were always set and done. 

We ended up cancelling our bundles back in February though and it was a really sad day for us! To be candid, we were pinching pennies because Andrew just had his accident so we were really unsure of the amount we'd need to be paying out of pocket and having done Dave Ramsey FPU, we were just content in the idea of removing things that weren't necessities.

We started buying at Costco and then switched to Sam's Club because we switched our membership in March and were saving about $30 monthly on diapers and wipes total. Of course, that adds up over time and Emery hasn't reacted negatively to the genertic brand so I haven't thought about going back to Honest once.

My thoughts about the bundle though are as follows:

Love the diapers, they were a good product (most of the time) and if Target has sales, I stock up on a few prints we love. We did have some issues over time with the diapers here and there and the tabs. They seemed to detach from the back portion of the diaper so a side would simply be hanging and I noticed this with every single overnight diaper we put on Emery. Because of that, Honest was quick to send new diapers and customer service was appreciated but there is one con for me and the diapers. It takes a toll having to call a company more than one time because of an issue happening repeatedly.

Hate the wipes. There, I said it. I've never been a fan of the cloth wipes because I feel they stick and don't clean well. Eeek! I've been a huge fan of the Kirkland wipes and still have a box full. I also snagged Bloom wipes for sensitive skin (Emery has eczema) at Sam's and they too are a dream. Knowing this,

I don't think I'll even go back to Honest bundles, but I know so many people love them. I simply wanted to share my take on diapers because hiiii, they're an investment with little ones! I do love a ton of other Honest products like the dish soap, all purpose cleaners, stain remover (holy grail!), healing balm and the dryer sheets. I just now stock up on my favorites when at Target!

What're your thoughts on Honest? Did you have issues with the diaper tabs? Do you love the wipes and I'm just crazy? ;)