I went on a rampage talking about this bag on snapchat so I said I'd share a couple pictures of it here on the blog from when we went out for errands this morning. We have been using a backpack for Emery and I'm just using a regular purse but it's been a hassle grabbing both and maintaining each bag separately.

I love the backpack diaper bag styles because Drake is typically the one who carries it for me while out and that's so convenient for him and for me on my own. It's easy, functional and stylish while offering ample space to store about 32 snacks for my picky toddler. ;)

Seaport Stitches is an AZ company which is why I wanted to snag this bag; I love supporting local! They have three styles so take a look for yourself! I have a thing for thin black and white stripes so naturally, it's the one I had to go with. Isn't it so cute especially with the leather detailing?!