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As much as I hate to admit it, Emery gets screen time almost everyday and it was something I swore would never happen when I was pregnant. I thought putting her in front of a screen over stimulating her little mind would be just stupid but it's proven to be a great tool helping her learn while also getting time for myself and work.

At first it was just the Little Baby Bum videos on YouTube or the PBS app where we would watch Curious George or Daniel Tiger but recently I downloaded a few apps that help her learn shapes, colors, numbers and her coordination of moving things around to match tools. I sit with her while doing these so she can really learn versus just zoning in and I really love having this resource now for her!

I wanted to share what we love lately so if you're another working mama out there, or one who just needs 10 seconds to drink your coffee hot, these could be a nice break! ;)

YouTube VIDEOS //

Curious George
- they don't have the show anymore but movies
Daniel Tiger
Veggie Tales
Sofia the First

YouTube Kids
- I like this because I have control of locks and what she can see. We simply add the above channels to her favorites so she can scroll around and use as she pleases. Mickey Mouse is her favorite on here!
ABC Mouse
Peppa Paintbox
PBS Video
Kids Doodle
Smart Shapes

I would say she gets about 30-45 minutes a day which I don't think is excessive at this point with being able to learn and grow developmentally through some of these apps. It's also helping her learn to sing along, she claps on songs that ask her to clap and responds with words when she's prompted. It's been fun to actually see her little mind grow and learn with the same nursery rhymes Andrew and I grew up with.

What are your thoughts? To screen time or not to screen time?