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I am 20 weeks pregnant so we've hit the halfway mark with our sweet girl! I feel like I've blinked and it's gone by so quickly whereas with Emery, it's all I could think about and focus on so it went so slowly. I don't have time to really mull it all over running after a toddler and keeping a 10 year old with a broken leg entertained... lol! 

As far as the pregnancy itself, it's practically identical to my first time around. Nausea and vomiting are still in full force and braxton hicks have started. I don't remember them coming on this early with Emery but at my anatomy scan, the nurse said it's definitely them from what I described and it's common to feel them earlier with a second pregnancy.

I haven't gained any weight from the time I found out I was pregnant til now but actually lost a few pounds and that's just because I'm being really intentional about staying active. I gained 40 pounds with Emery and I'm determined to not let that happen again so I'm trying to make a change during this pregnancy to keep it going after baby is born.

I started swelling around 18 weeks last time and I haven't so far... I'm just waiting to balloon one day and not deflate until November because I was so freakin' swollen and puffy the first time. Good thing is my wedding rings still fit too!

I do plan to wait it out this time and not be induced as I was with Emery. I was SO done at that point with her and I used my brother's wedding as an excuse to simply be okay with inducing (it was a week later) but I will stay strong this time and let her come when she's ready.

We do have a name picked out but we won't be sharing it until she's born or possibly when we share the nursery just before she's born. I ordered a growth chart for her nursery which is personalized so if I don't feel like editing the name out for the reveal, I won't and you'll know it then! ;)

Speaking of nursery... it's going to be so beautiful! We've pulled all the pieces we want to use and have them slowly being ordered. I've shown some of them below so you can get an idea. We do have a few custom pieces being made by local shops and I think they will bring the whole space together perfectly. I still won't really begin working on it until after my shower in September because a lot could change during that time... like moving again! haha

Okay, have I blabbed enough? I'll leave you now but maybe I'll do another pregnancy update in a month or two. Ain't nobody got time for weekly....! ;)

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