Nobody likes frizz, right? It's always inevitable during summer our hair tends to puff up so nicely because of the heat and humidity and it's not something I look forward to- I'm sure you don't either! It's always worse in July and August in AZ because of monsoon season so if you're an AZ local, I hope this post can help you combat it before it starts very soon for us!

Let's chat, shall we?

Hot Oil Treatment
1 x   W E E K L Y
Once a week moisturize and condition hair from roots to ends with VO5's Hot Oil Therapy Treatment. It helps restore shine, strength and leaves your hair feeling so silky smooth!

Anti Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner
3 - 7 x   W E E K L Y
I typically wash my hair every other day or every two days depending on how dirty or oily it's becoming. I notice during the hotter months, my scalp is working overtime to deal with the sweat so I'm more oily and wash more often. Use a VO5 shampoo + conditioner combo like their Anti Frizz line to tame and smooth, pronto!

Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil
7 x   W E E K L Y
This stuff is golden! It's perfect for spritzing on your hair after styling to quickly replenish dryness leaving it smooth as buttahhh. It doubles as a body oil so I like to mix it with my body lotion (and even add a touch of highlighter) then give myself a rub down for a golden, dewy finish... basically what your skin should look like all throughout summer.

What are some of your tricks to combat frizz?