Not really a space people typically share but having gone from a much smaller, more simple laundry room it's been really nice having a large one with a sink and space to store items! When we moved in, the counters were a brown speckled laminate, which isn't terrible because the white cabinetry really brightened the space but something I wanted to change. Being on a budget and not putting a lot of money into this house as it's still a temporary home, I bit the bullet and bought vinyl contact paper from Amazon and gave the counters a little refresh.

It was so easy and painless doing the update, you just have to be careful about bubbles and crinkling because the stick is reaaal and if you apply without being fully ready to smooth it out, you may end up with a few imperfect areas- as I did. Regardless, this cost be $40 to update and so far it's holding up perfectly. I would absolutely recommend it!