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Hospital bag chat! I had a few requests for what I was packing for Hollyn on instagram so I thought I'd pull a little post together to share. It's not necessary to really bring a lot for baby but it makes your stay more comfortable whether it's one night or a few nights. Comparatively to our first time around, I checked off some boxes of what it was nice to have then and what I wish I had brought (burp cloths!) so this is it.

I chose my Rachel Zoe x Quinny bag for her because it's spacious for both her items and mine and matches her car seat we're bringing her home in. Cliche? Totally. But it makes me happy to have that planned and coordinating because it's one thing I'm in control of at this point! One thing I love about it I didn't mention above is the insulated water bottle holder. I'm a huge water drinker and I told Andrew he's going to be sneaking me cold water throughout labor this time (they were sticklers and wouldn't give me any last time!). I'm also a little annoying and only like to drink cold water... like ice cold so this feature has me very excited! ;)