*32 weeks pregnant with emery

I've been having the worst tooth pain for the last couple weeks to the point of finally going into my dentist to get x-rays done to decipher the problem. Behold! My wisdom teeth are starting to pop on in and those babies mean business. I finally have an understanding of what Emery went through teething because that pain is like no other.

Anyway, my dentist referred me to an oral surgeon to have the one tooth removed prior to baby that's really causing issues and then we would have the additional 3 taken out after Hollyn is born. Fast forward to that appointment with the surgeon and after doing a full mouth x-ray, we've decided to hold off until after baby is born to remove all 4 at one time.

Why? Well, I'm a baby and don't think I could handle only local anesthesia to have the one removed and would much prefer just being knocked out and doing all at one time. Simple enough, right? Since I can't go under while pregnant (duh) it seems the best bet would just be waiting until December. During my appointment though, they have you watch all these videos about risks and precautions and dayyyyum. That scared me,

Regardless, it needs to happen and it'll just have to be with a newborn in the picture. I did upgrade to an electric toothbrush now and water pik because getting older makes me more gullible to their sales pitching and buying anything and everything to promote dental health. Haha! Andrew was like "WHY are you all gung-ho about everything they informed you about?"... well dear, I take my teeth very seriously so I'm not a gummy old hag kissing you down the line. ;)

I've sufficiently embarrassed myself now so I'm off!