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Happy hump day! I thought it would be fun to check in on a little pregnancy update since we've only managed to share a few this time around. I'm currently 34 weeks and have been experiencing some contractions outside of Braxton Hicks for the last week or so. They don't typically last long or get close enough together to ring any alarms but that's progress, right?

I'm due November 15th and as of today, I just finished packing Emery's bag for Nona and Papa's house, Hollyn's diaper bag (more on what's inside coming soon), Andrew's bag and I'm probably going to do mine when I'm in labor. I have a lot of cozy clothes right now I've been wearing but would like them for the hospital as well so that's my mindset with waiting.

The last 4 weeks I've been experiencing a lot more pain and discomfort. Of course this is because she's growing and has no other place to go than down below or in my ribs so I'm either dealing with stabbing pain down *there* or shortness of breath because she's chilling in my lungs. Ha! I have yet to swell (!!) and am under the 20 lb mark with weight gain so overall I'm happy about that.

She is SO active! I remember random times Emery was but this girl is moving almost all the time. She loves to wake up about 2am and have a party so sleep is few and far between. I'm at the place where I'm exhausted but the second I lay down, my mind goes, I'm uncomfortable and simply cannot sleep to save my life. Clearly, God just prepping me for the sleepness nights we will soon have!

In general, I'm excited to meet her but have no desire to rush the process. I know my body will only set things in motion when it's ready and I'm okay with that, induction isn't on my mind. I have had a few emotional moments just thinking about how big the other kids will look when Hollyn is finally here in our arms. It's weird thinking Emery won't be the baby of the family anymore and it brings on the water works. Drake still is not happy he's getting a second sister but it's been my prayer his heart just melts when he meets her... he's such a love, I'm sure he won't be able to contain his excitement of a new sibling.

This will probably be my last bump update. I haven't planned on maternity pictures yet but if I do, I'll share one last update then.

41 days.... give or take! :)