do you guys remember Emery being this itty bitty, sweet thing?
4 months old here.

I'm struggling with a bit of mom guilt. When I was a nanny to Elle, I was paid to leave the house and spend time doing things out with her. She had little gym, story time and play dates with other friends so it was something simply part of our routine.

It's no secret I'm a homebody and enjoy being at home during the day with her. She plays, we watch a movie, color or sing songs but I can totally tell she's over it and this routine is becoming stale. I've researched a few places around our house that I could take her too and even noted them in my calendar to really get myself motivated to take her... but it just isn't happening.

I am so close to delivery with Hollyn and quite honestly, I'm achy and struggle with simple tasks because I sound like a zombie just bending over to pick something up so getting ready and leaving just sounds daunting most of the time. I feel so bad for Emery and like I'm absolutely gipping her of some really fund opportunities. I mean, I won't even schedule play dates recently because I just don't want to leave.

Do you mamas have tips for taking the plunge and getting out? Do I just need to go once and then force it to be part of our weekly plans? I need help, advice, encouragement because I know Emery would love the change of scenery!