I've been in a mode of not messing around and ordering items I think would be great to have on hand lately (thank you, Amazon Prime). So I wanted to collect my thoughts and basically give you a glimpse into what has been through my cart and in transit to me over the past week or two.

Let's start with baby gear... not much more to add here from this post recently being complied but 3 things I'm really pumped about!

I had a boppy pillow with Emery and although it did it's job, I always felt it was a little stiff and uncomfortable for nursing. It was also a big tool we used when Drake was holding Emery so I had seen this one floating around on Jillian Harris' snapchat and went for it. I bundled on Amazon and grabbed the pink and white stripe cover as well as the pillow itself. Can't wait to really give it a test run in a few short weeks.

Hiiii, what an upgrade! We had this one with Emery and again, it did it's job but I insisted on getting a new one that offered a bigger screen to showcase both girls at the same time with ease. We chose the Summer Infant Dual View and having just updated Emery's room to this device, I can already confirm it's a great buy. The volume is a touch higher which Andrew appreciates (he's a heavy sleeper) and I love being able to see better with the camera. I'm intrigued to see how the cameras will work in tandem and if the girls will even nap in sync... ;)!

I haven't used this yet but considering the hard time I had when trying to nurse Emery, I wanted to be prepared and equipped with resources to ensure I'm doing all I can to nurse Hollyn when she arrives. I had a few good days with Emery where we were in sync but after that and after trying almost everything to build my supply, it didn't work. I exclusively pumped until 6 weeks but switched to formula after that. There's nothing wrong with formula but I really would like to try BFing exclusively with Hollyn and I heard good things about this particular supplement.

* Mamas, do you have tips for breastfeeding and ways to increase and keep your supply up? Also for having your milk come in quickly after birth? I'm all ears!

I was in the Instagram hole a few weeks back (you know what I'm talking about?) and found RePlay Recycled from my girlfriend, Hannah. I quickly messaged her asking all about the product and her honest opinion and was pleased hearing rave reviews with prices that are budget friendly! I maybe jumped the gun and ordered too much but after snagging the Snack Cups, Sippy Cups, Bowls and Utensils, I can say I'm a believer too.

I was spending almost every grocery trip scouring sippy cups to try a new one because they ALWAYS leak. Like the claim of not leaking is BS, if you ask me. These are so secure and offer a great suction so we haven't had one leak. I throw it in my bag and off we go. The snack cups are super handy for evenings out to dinner when I pack Emery food regardless... they all stack and twist into each other or I can pack them individually.

And obvious note here, the colors are so fun and they have tons to choose from!

*I went ahead and reached out to RePlay Recycle and they are giving you 20% off purchases of $30 or more with code "Aubrey" until November 1st!

Yes, I mentioned this for baby and Emery, here, but we're actually using it a lot and Emery loves this cozy bed for even watching movies in the family room or playroom. It's been a great buy for us and I am really looking forward to seeing how we like the Deluxe for Hollyn.

I am doing anything and everything to focus on my time with Emmy right now and it's been a challenge finding games to keep her entertained (and away from screen time) while also quizzing her on colors, shapes, sounds...etc. I had seen these bears probably 15 times with other bloggers and finally bought them. It's her favorite game, ever! It's come to the point where I have to hide them when I don't want them spewed all across the house because they're like legos and f*cking hurt when being stepped on. Ha! But she could play this game for hours and she's learned her colors this way!

What are some fun things for baby, toddler or school age you've found yourself snagging lately? Also, isn't Amazon Prime the shit? I don't know what I'd do without it.