You know how as moms we run through how we think pictures will go and we fully map out what we envision them to look like when said and done? AND THEN THEY NEVER GO SMOOTHLY. Like ever. Oh my gosh, it's pulling teeth! I think back to when it was just Andrew, Drake and I and it was hard enough to get those boys to smile genuinely but man, those were the easy days.

I've gotten the kids matching jammies for Christmas the last 2 years so we did the same this year and I thought it would be cute to do our Christmas cards with those shots. I tried to get them all napped and full of food to be happy campers but of course it didn't work. Blocks were being thrown (see below) and a sucker was used as bribery. I'm sure you can guess... Emery was the one giving me all the issues. Sigh.

JAMMIES- Drake | Emery (bow) | Hollyn (bow)

These are just some slightly decent pictures from the 368 I took. Not even a joke about that number. I went through quickly deleting obvious bad ones after uploading and ended with 33. I'll share our Christmas cards after they're in my hands but the sucker is part of the family this year. haha!

Loves these babies but they sure do give me a run for my money... and by 'they' I mean Emery.