One thing moms told me before I had Emery is the immediate sense of feeling like yourself again after pushing that baby out and I seriously forgot how good that feels being on the other side. Don't get me wrong, being pregnant and growing a sweet babe is such a blessing and honor. I don't take that lightly especially knowing how many people struggle with that on a regular basis but pregnancy isn't easy on me. It's hard and complicated and leaves some mamas feeling so unlike themselves that when it gets down to the very end, it's hard not to be excited to have your body back to yourself again.

So here I am 2 weeks postpartum and obviously I'm not back to my normal self size wise... hello shrinking uterus! But I'm in no rush to force that process. Thankfully BLANQI has me covered with their highwaist nursing leggings as they did throughout my entire pregnancy with their maternity leggings. Because I'm so determined to make nursing work this time too, it's been nice wearing these leggings the last couple weeks because they offer such great coverage so I can sit and nurse while we have company and I'm covered and secure. Those ladies knew what they were doing designing these babies!

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Back to feeling like yourself... I thought I would share a couple tips for embracing mamahood while also giving yourself the love you deserve after going through the journey of pregnancy then labor and delivery.

Take the help you are offered. From having someone bring you a meal to a friend offering to run a load of laundry for you, say yes. You're still in recovery mode those first handful of weeks and it's the time you, as a new mama, need to accept the help so you can rest up and feel good during the time you're awake and functioning. You shouldn't be worrying about what to put on the table to feed your family or if the kids have clean panties... let your family and friends help in those areas so you can heal and be the best mama for your kids and for your husband.

Don't skip your bedtime routine. Every night I wash my face from the day and apply my skincare line and it's something that instantly makes me feel more human. It removes the ick (baby vomit or breast milk) from your face and gives you 10 minutes to yourself while your husband watches the kids. It also preps you for a better night sleep even knowing you may be up a few times you don't want to be.

Sleep when baby is sleeping. Everyone says it but it's true. If you are struggling getting up throughout the night, it's necessary to catch those extra zzz's during the day to ensure you are well rested and feeling good. No one likes to function on little sleep and even more so, they don't feel good or like themselves when doing that. Coffee isn't ideal to force you awake so honestly, if you can sync naps with multiple littles, focus on making that happen so you can nap. If you don't have that flexibility, try taking even a cat nap when your honey is home to watch the new baby or kids. I promise, it'll make you feel a bit more human!

What are some tips you'd give a new mama? I'm doing my best but I could always use some more suggestions when it comes down to it!