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I've been stalling sharing Drake's room through an actual reveal because we have this pinball machine passed down from Andrew's grandpa and it's huge and still needs to be put into Drake's room. Me, being super type A doesn't want to shoot and share the space until that little (big!) task is done... until then, why not share a little inspiration to how the space looks though. Yes?

He went from having a dark navy room with the American flag to all light gray (seen here) but again with the touches of Americana throughout. We found this rug from Lorena and Canals and thought it would be a great fit to pair with the flag and it's washable so that sold me. Boys and the dirt they truck in simply blows my mind. We've also added some cool metal details with wall hooks and letters but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect lamp. Suggestions?

I'll share the space when it's completed! Hopefully early 2017.... hopefully.