We have our Christmas cards in hand and ready to ship and I can't help but share the ones we chose. You saw here the ones I loved from Minted and when it came down to ordering, I went with these ones. Not even in the original bunch of ones I loved! So funny. I'm so indecisive, you guys!

We were supposed to have family pictures taken right after Hollyn was born but the day we had it scheduled it was rainy and the house was so dark it just wasn't going to work for the style of images we want to capture. That said, I sat the kids down, put on Christmas jammies and forced them to smile for me so I could send cards of just them. It was a good opportunity to announce Hollyn too and Minted had this custom back as a template for babies so that was seriously perfect!

Where did you guys get your Christmas cards this year? If you haven't yet ordered, head to my Instagram to enter a giveaway with Minted!