We've been soaking in all the sweet newborn-ness we can over the last week and it's been so nice to really slow down and just enjoy the time together as a family. Andrew went back to work together but Drake came home last night so we're back into our typical routine and it's been pretty painless, honestly.

We have totally lucked out with Hollyn because she's an amazing sleeper! As with this whole pregnancy, I've been comparing to Emery and that girl didn't sleep for the first 3 weeks of her life. Like at all. Hollyn is night and day difference giving us 4-5 hour stretches. It's typically we're in bed and asleep about 11pm, she wakes at 2 or 3am to nurse and then back to sleep until about 6:30-7am. It's a dream. I'm still waking to pump because I'm wanting to keep my supply up but overall, I almost feel less tired now then when I was pregnant with all the bathroom breaks throughout the night.

Emery is a doll with Hollyn but in general she's been a bit more feisty. I'm convinced it's the terrible two's thing because she simply doesn't want to listen to anything I ask her to do/not to do so the defiance is at an all time high. It's made it challenging trying to focus on both girls and give them each their time with me but I've been taking Emery for walks just us and she's always next to me when nursing so I think I'm balancing it pretty well.

We started putting up Christmas decor last night and we're making it a slow process- just a little here and there each day. It finally started to cool down in the 70's in AZ too so it's just about the perfect time to embrace the holiday traditions. We even have our cookie baking day already planned with Gam Gam and the kids can't wait!

I'm still taking time off work and trying to be really strict about that. I have my auto reply on until December 5th and even took the email app off my phone so I'm not tempted to look and feel obligated to work. I didn't have a true "leave" with Emery and I want to make that time for myself and the kids this time around so it's been nice. Of course, I worry but all my clients knew I was headed out for a month (ish) and are understanding so it makes the time away much easier.

Overall, we've had a great transition! I can't believe Hollyn is such a chill baby and I'm much more calm about things. It's been great and I'm happy I'm not completely sleep deprived and a zombie this time! ;)