It's that time- I'm buckling down and getting Emery started with potty training. I've heard so many things about all these different methods and how to do it but I'm simply going to use my gut and listen to her cues.

We went through and ordered some panties, a few books (for her and me) and a new potty from Summer Infant and amping up the pantry with stickers and fruit snacks as rewards. She already goes potty every night and morning when I take her diaper off and ask her if she needs to use the potty... so that's a good sign! It's just on me now to maintain and stay on top of asking her.

I'm planning to keep her in pull ups at night and switch to cloth panties during the day, just asking if she needs to go every 30-40 minutes. Whew. The effort it takes as a parent doing this is constant- like don't let the babe out of your site! I'm excited though and really think she's ready since she's been going when prompted for about 6 months.

We shall see! Send all your potty training fairy dust my way!