sleeper | L'oved Baby

Well, Christmas has come and gone and I'm already feeling like it was a total blur. I wanted to do a lot more then I actually accomplished but that's okay. We always have next year! I spent this morning taking down decorations, deep cleaning and getting our home feeling nice and peaceful and fresh again. Sometimes doing that before New Year's Eve makes jumping into the New Year a bit less stressful and more organized. You know what I mean?

Speaking of New Year, last year was when we were in Mexico and Andrew had his accident. It blows my mind it'll be a year on January 1st. We were trying to align schedules with my parents to go to Mexico again this New Year's but it just didn't work. I'm partially relieved by that because we haven't been to Mexico since the accident but also bummed because we always have a blast. As far as his hand goes, it's been a rough year, I won't lie to you. He's had constant pain that never goes away and really aches intensely each night after work. I wish I could do more for him but I'm always praying the nerves heal over time and his discomfort calms.

We decided this NYE we won't be doing anything special but simply hanging out at home with the kids. We will likely let Drake stay up through midnight but the girls will definitely go to bed on time. I'm already planning on a little hair mask, face mask and soothing bath action once the girls are out for the night.

I'm really excited to see what 2017 has in store for our family as 2016 was a consistent battle... probably the most lows since we've been married and all dealing with medical issues. Haha! What are your plans for ringing in the New Year?