Christmas week is here and I'm blown away by how the Holiday season is almost behind us. This is by far my favorite time of year, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Drake fully understands how amazing that is and it's so cool watching Emery slowly comprehend Jesus and learning about Him. 

This sign below is my prized possession this year. My sister in law made it for me and it's likely going to stay up all year but it inspired me to share a peek at our home while decorated right now. I didn't do garlands or even fresh greens but my anthro candle is doing the trick. I'm hopeful next year we can swing a Christmas tree farm picture for our cards and just to have as some sweet memories together.

The boys have been enjoying hot cocoa and cookies every evening while we watch TV together all bundled in blankets and it is getting me so excited for Christmas morning together! Although, Drake will be with his mom that day, we will celebrate together on Christmas Eve with church, family time and a bit of gift giving. We did opt to give the kids the trampoline as their Christmas present but we are doing Angel Tree for each kid and letting Drake choose a charity to donate his typical "gift budget" to. We are really trying as parents to focus on this being a season of giving and I hope that's transparent to Drake and Emery.