I was babbling away on instastories today about a few of my favorite things lately so I wanted to pop in and share them for you here! I've been in the phase of life where I'm finding key things that I love and consistently use and continue to purchase as they run out or constantly wear certain pieces I've found to be staples so maybe these items are those ticket things for you, too.

+ Beautycounter Lipgloss- I love it. I shared my experience initially with it (here) but I stand behind that 1000%. I've worn it everyday since getting it and I'm a lipgloss lover now. You can purchase Beautycounter through Amy.

This Made by Mary necklace has been on my wishlist and I finally snagged one saying "ANDREW". It's the perfect length (16 inches) and I've worn it daily. Seriously.

+ Can scrunchies be a thing again? Erin and Jillian had me googly eyed over Shop Chelsea King and I finally bit the bullet and bought one. For the amount of time my hand spends in a topknot, I figured it would be cute! Drake was like "Why are you wearing a scrunchie?" with the face of disgust but I told him they're making a comeback. Just like overalls and bell bottoms. LOL!

+ Stress Away EO has always been a favorite of mine. I think I was drawn towards it with the combo of vanilla and lavender but it's been in my diffuser daily for the last few weeks. Sometimes I'll pop in a drop or two of peppermint and it's like candy cane heaven!

+ Dried eucalyptus has been all over our house. I love greenery and this dries out so nicely so it last a lot longer than roses or tulips!

Bo and Wes! It's the cutest local shop in AZ that just started and we snagged this darling olive green outfit for Hollyn. I love the material being light and airy so she can wear the pieces through Spring and Summer and the neutrals are perfect for mixing and matching. Pop on a floral bow and you're set!

I've always been a fan of ILY Couture but I recently scoured and snagged a few more basics. Their pullovers are so soft and cozy and something I'm constantly wearing when I'm home. I also got this striped top which is a dream. I thought it was a great layering piece and a classic because stripes are always in style- mama style or fashion blogger style! ;)

What are some of your current favorites?
Hope you have a great weekend!